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Liberal Arts and Global Education Showcase

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NHCC invites you to take part in a one-of-a-kind community event that will feature nationally-recognized publications, martial arts demonstrations, and readings from student authors. The Liberal Arts and Global Education Showcase will flow as an open house, while promoting curiosity, human interaction, and educational opportunities. Please join us as we shine a light on cultural hidden gems and also the people who help provide richness to these significant fields of interests.

Below are the different areas of interest that will on display at the showcase.

The philosophy department will be hosting an "Ask a Philosopher" session and will explore why philosophy thrives at NHCC.

NHCC instructor Mark Larsen will give demonstrations on this modern form of martial arts and provide everyday applications.

Attendees will have the opportunity to touch and feel real life artifacts.

Sociology/Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice
Visitors will learn more about NHCC's "Fast Track" degree in law enforcement and also experience live demonstrations and implications of witness reliability.

Global Education and Cultural Studies
Visit this table for more information about NHCC's cultural classes, study aboard program, community organizing class and other innovative curriculum.

Economics and Political Science
Faculty will be on-hand to help guide prospective students through the sometimes stressful and complicated web of politics and economics.

NHCC's very own faculty will read some excerpts from their published works.

Visit this table to view nationally-recognized publications produced by NHCC and also published works from NHCC faculty.