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Alumni Stories

NHCC is proud of our many alumni! Below are a few shining success stories.

If you're an NHCC alumnus, please share your story and/or nominate a Distinguished Alumnus at nhcc50@nhcc.edu.

Jon Vezner, NHCC Alumnus and Grammy Award Winner, reconnected with the college and conducted a music workshop with current students. View his story...

Rob Weber, NHCC Alumnus and CEO of NativeX, helped develop mobile app programs at NHCC and conducted a hackathon with NHCC students. View his story... 


NHCC Alumni Testimonials  

“During those times when I wavered on whether or not I possessed the ability to fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor, NHCC chemistry professor Dr. Eugenia Paulus provided the perfect mix of constructive criticism and compassion to help me realign my focus.” ~ Taj Melson, Resident Physician, Hennepin County Medical Center, 2003 Science Alumnus

“The things I learned about accounting at NHCC have helped me a lot throughout the years as a business owner. In business and in life in general, everyone should at least have a basic understanding of accounting.” ~ Krystal Vierkant, Owner and CEO, Rock On Enterprises, 1998 Accounting Alumna

Photo of Alumna Krystal Vierkant

“Growing up in poverty I had a lot of struggles. That’s where I really figured out that education is the key for me to break that cycle of poverty. North Hennepin Community College made that a reality.” ~ Armando Camacho, President and CEO, Opportunity Partners, 1997 Liberal Arts Alumnus

Photo of Alumnus Armando Camacho

“Get involved in something, anything, even if it’s just one thing. It will always lead to another opportunity.” ~ Jamie Randall, Diversity Success Specialist, North Hennepin Community College, 2012 AA, AFA Alumna  

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“Being a police officer isn’t always about law enforcement for me – it’s about education, it’s about community relations, it’s about making an impact in somebody’s life.” ~ Mike Nguyen, Police Officer, Kenyon Police Dept., Operations Manager, Whelan Security, MN, 2006 Law Enforcement Alumnus 

Photo of Alumnus Mike Nguyen