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Transfer Admissions

Follow these steps for transfer admission to NHCC if you are a student with previous college experience.

We encourage you to visit NHCC for an information session, appointment, or tour to learn more about college! Are you a veteran or active duty military member? If so, ask us about our application fee waiver before applying.

Have you previously applied or attended NHCC after high school? Complete a Student Record Update Form.

  • 1. Apply for Admission

    Complete an online or paper application and submit:

    Transcripts are evaluated for credit and pre-requisite completion within two weeks (evaluation sent by email). Do you want to learn more about transfer credit policies?

    E-transcripts from the Minnesota State system (formerly MnSCU) institutions are automatically received with your application.

    Official transcripts should be mailed to:
    Records & Registration - NHCC
    7411 85th Ave N
    Brooklyn Park, MN 55445

  • 2. Apply for Financial Aid

    NHCC students may receive financial aid to help pay for tuition, fees, and books through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Foundation scholarships are also available!

  • 3. Take Placement Test(s)

    Placement tests are required to assess college readiness in reading, writing, and math. Test results will determine if students are ready for college-level or developmental courses.

    We suggest you review sample ACCUPLACER questions before completing placement tests.

    You may be able to complete a placement waiver if you have completed a college-level composition or mathematics course, or have recently taken the ACCUPLACER, ACT, MCA, or SAT and have qualifying test scores.

  • 4. Complete Online Orientation

    All new students are required to complete an online orientation, which introduces students to available resources for college success.

    Transfer students in good academic standing, with 12+ credits completed, may be able to complete an online orientation.

  • 5. Register for Classes at a Registration Session

    After completing online orientation, students can register for classes by attending a registration session at NHCC. At this session, advisors will provide academic program information and help with class registration. Transfer students in good academic standing may be able to register online for courses a couple days after completing online orientation.

  • 6. Pay Tuition and Buy Books

    Students may pay for tuition and books using financial aid, cash, check, credit card, payment plan, or veteran benefits.



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