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Admissions Staff

Candice Bartelle

Candice Bartelle
Admissions Representative
Email: candice.bartelle@nhcc.edu
Phone: 763-488-0268
Hobbies: Crafting, dancing, shopping, listening to music, and spending time with my family and friends.
Favorite things about NHCC: I enjoy the friendly, diverse group of students and staff we have and love that the students are so involved at the school.

Chauntel Harrison

Chauntel Harrison
Administrative Specialist
Email: chauntel.harrison@nhcc.edu
Phone: 763-424-0722
Hobbies: Coming soon.
Favorite things about NHCC: Coming soon.

Elisha Little

Elisha Little
Customer Service Specialist
Email: elisha.little@nhcc.edu
Phone: 763-424-0948
Hobbies: I enjoy reading and spending time outdoors with family and friends.
Favorite things about NHCC: The quality programs that are offered for a budget friendly cost. I also enjoy being part of an organization that helps students from all walks of life meet their educational goals.

Kou Vue

Kou Vue
Admissions Representative
Email: kou.vue@nhcc.edu
Phone: 763-424-0730
Hobbies: I like to watch movies, play and watch sports, read, sing and spend time with family and friends.
Favorite things about NHCC: Assisting students to gain access and find success in college.

Lake Johnson

Lake Johnson
Admissions Representative
Email: lake.johnson@nhcc.edu
Phone: 763-424-0713
Hobbies: I enjoy being active outdoors, spending time up north, trying new experiences, and spending time with family and friends.
Favorite things about NHCC: I enjoy being part of such a welcoming and friendly community, as well as meeting and interacting with new and prospective students, helping them find their success throughout college and beyond!

 Meghan Forestell

Meghan Forestell
Customer Service Specialist
Email: meghan.forestell@nhcc.edu
Phone: 763-488-0436
Hobbies: My favorite thing to do is cook, and not from a recipe! I also enjoy reading, being outside in the summer and spending time with family and friends.
Favorite things about NHCC: I love the variety of people I meet and am able to talk to everyday!

Photo Coming Soon

Melissa Leimbek
Director of Admissions & Registration
Email: melissa.leimbek@nhcc.edu
Phone: 763-424-0975
Hobbies: I enjoy reading, watching sports and listening to live music. I love spending time with my children, husband, family and friends.
Favorite things about NHCC: I love the students and staff. Our students bring a diversity and a depth of experiences you can't get very many places. Seeing a student succeed or get past a hurdle is satisfying. I also LOVE the staff - working with friendly, competent people who all have the same goal to engage students and change lives daily.

 Sandra Payan Catano

Sandra Payan Cataño
Latino Outreach & Success Specialist
Email: sandra.payan@nhcc.edu
Phone: 763-424-0770
Hobbies: Dancing, listening to music, watching movies, and spending time with my family.
Favorite things about NHCC: I look forward to working with prospective students and being able to achieve personal goals and being part of their success.

 Sean Olson

Sean Olson
Associate Director of Admissions and Outreach
Email: sean.olson2@nhcc.edu
Phone: 763-488-0491
Hobbies: Playing and watching basketball, as well as trying new restaurants around the area with my wife and daughter.
Favorite things about NHCC: We have innovation across campus, from the opening of a new Bioscience and Health Careers Center to accessible, student-focused services.

True Lao

True Lao
Customer Service Specialist
Email: true.lao@nhcc.edu
Phone: 763-424-0968
Hobbies: I enjoy watching movies, walking, shopping, crafting, eating out with friends and spending time with family.
Favorite things about NHCC: The diversity at NHCC is what makes it unique: our staff, students, and the many programs offered to the public.



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