Uma, Service Learning Student

"I've seen my service learning experience as a positive one with many opportunities to learn ." - Uma
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 Henrik, Service Learning Student


"Service Learning was more than fun; it was more engaged with human relations than any essay I would have possibly typed up late into the night." - Henrik Read more







"My service learning really changed my personal goals."
- Luke
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  Melissa, Service Learning Student


" My service learning experience touched my heart and opened my eyes."
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"Personally, I have gained friends, knowledge, a sense of accomplishment, and a very important skill to think beyond myself, and see the greater value of volunteering. I learned the core meaning of helping. It strengthens, builds, and helps our communities. Service gives experience. It relates to our goals in our own neighborhoods. If everybody gave service we would be very stable and connected. This was a wonderful learning experience for me personally. It has opened my mind to the many things we can do to make changes within our community and with very limited time committments. The lives that I have touched have given me back more than I could have imagined. My only regret is that I did not try this sooner."   

"I learned a lot of valuable information from the service learning project. I not only know what subpoenas are, but I also know how to serve them and how to write a report after a successful serve. I feel that this project also helped me build my resume. I put this project under my volunteer services in my resume and I think that this will be impressive for my future career path in law enforcement. I not only thank the community partner for letting me participate in the service learning power point project for the Maple Grove Police Department, but I also thank the instructor for having us do a 10 hour volunteer service project. I think we had a big impact that day, and helped keep everybody safe. I thought it was going to be a lot of standing around; basically just telling people to go that way and this way, but it ended up controlling traffic and making sure nobody was hurt. I think what we did that day helped many people stay safe, and we got numerous thank you's for being there volunteering. Overall, this experience was a very positive one for me."

"Overall I enjoyed my time at the Goodwill-Easter Seals. The work I did there doesn't seem like a big deal, but I know I helped a lot. I know that most of the people that work there were glad to have some extra help. The Goodwill Easter Seals are a part of many things in the community. The most significant, in my mind, would be the work they do with probationers and parolees. It also closely relates to this class and criminal justice in general." 

"Service Learning made me feel good about myself. I realized that I had something in me to give to others, especially the elderly that I visited during my service. Service Learning has made a very big difference in my understanding of material. It teaches one to give to the community freely. It is a learning process to work with others be it children, adults, the elderly. It made me feel that I am contributing my quota to humanity. It is a great way to get involved in new things and it could possibly help you decide on your future plans. I think it made me realize that you can make a difference in a kid's life. It helped me understand the kids better and how to read to them."