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Congratulations, new nursing students!

Congratulations, and welcome to the North Hennepin Community College Nursing program! This website contains some information covered in orientation that you'll need to begin program. 

Remember, all materials are due to be uploaded to CastleBranch no later than November 15th.


CastleBranch allows students to access and store their required health forms and certifications. CastleBranch is approved by our accrediting bodies, utilized by our clincial partners, and allows for a seamless transfer of information to Metropolitan State University if requested. It is also protected under FERPA guidelines. The Nursing program utilizes CastleBranch to send required information to clinical sites.

There is a one-time $35 fee to establish your account. There should be no other fees associated with CastleBranch. All forms are reviewed by certified reviewers. 

Use this link to create your CastleBranch account: https://portal.castlebranch.com/MN92/ 

Be sure to select North Hennepin Community College -- MANE -- NS97: Student Document Manager to get started. If you select any other college or option, we will not have access to your records and you will be considered incomplete.

If you have any issues, the CastleBranch Student Services is available from 8am-8pm, Monday-Friday and from 10:30am-6:00pm Saturdays at 1-888-723-4263.


Nursing Packet

The packet must be completed and uploaded to Certified Background by November 15th. We do not accept paper copies at the Nursing Office. This information is also available on the CastleBranch website.

  • Background Checks - The Department of Human Services (DHS) requires fingerprinting to complete each background check. There is a $20 background check fee, which is paid by the college. However, there is a fingerprinting fee that we are not able to cover and is the student's responsibility - this is $9.10 is paid to the facility where you are to be fingerprinted. Do NOT go to a facility without your fingerprint authorization, whcih will be emailed to you shortly after you have submitted your background check. The Nursing department pays for the background checks every Friday and emails with the fingerprint authorizations follow shortly after. Further information is located on the fingerprinting instructions.
  • Health Forms - Completed and submitted before November 15th (HepB series must be in process if not completed) via Certified Background. There are very specific requirements, and incorrect/incomplete forms will not be accepted -- resulting in extra time and trips to your provider's office. Do not submit forms that are missing pieces, or generally incomplete.
  • CPR/BLS Certification - Completed and submitted before November 15th (American Heart Association: BLS for Healthcare Provider is the only accepted certification - Heartsaver does not meet clinical requirements) via CastleBranch. We recommend locating a CPR training through heart.org, the official website of the American Heart Association.
  • Student Handbook is located  on D2L under Nursing Program Information (students will be added to this exclusive group shortly), and the Student Verification form relates directly to it. Please read through. Updates to the handbook will be published annually.

Dress Code and Uniform Information. The Nursing program utilizes AllCustomWear as our uniform supplier. They also provide the required patches, sewn on, at no additional cost. AllCustomWear will be at the orientation sessions with samples for students to try on before purchasing online, and there will be a bulk order available at orientation for uniform/supply pickup over the summer. 
    Website: http://store.allcustomwear.com/nhcc/
    Username:  student
    Password: nhcc

Acquire Clinical Supplies prior to class start (wristwatch with sweep hand, bandage scissors, stethoscope with bell and diaphragm, blood pressure cuff).

Set-up Financial Aid/Payment arrangements as soon as possible. Financial Aid is located in ES-48. Students who have not made arrangements cannot be covered by college provided liability insurance and therefore cannot complete the required clinical. Students will pay a fee each semester for ATI, which is attached to the core course as a fee. Students will pay the ATI fee with tuition.

Register for Classes and Purchase Books! Registration for classes is on a first-come, first-serve basis and begins on November 1st for Nursing students. If you have issues registering, please contact the Records and Registration department at (763) 424-0719. There are no holds for preference between lab times. Students with Advanced Standing should only register for NURS 2720 (Transitions) and NURS 2750 (Nutrition); all other students should register for NURS 2700 (Foundations) and NURS 2750 (Nutrition). 

Books are available in the bookstore, and Financial aid charging begins in January. The bookstore offers a number of titles in bundles from the publisher at a savings. The official book list will be posted in D2L. 

The Bookstore website will have three options for the bundles - a seven book set available in print, ebook, or print with ebook access. Each book comes with online content for free; the ebook allows you to access the full text electronically. For further training on using eBooks, visit Elsevier's eBook training tutorial videos at http://downloads.vitalbook.com/tutorials/publish/index.html?did=pageburst.
Additional training is also available at https://evolve.elsevier.com/studentlife/elsevier-ebooks.html.

Did you miss something?
Want to review the powerpoint slides? Review the Orientation Slides


Questions about Dual Admission with Metro State?  Check out the Dual Admission and MANE Student Manual.

List of resources for Nursing students: Resource List

Kurzweil is a great resource if you have trouble with reading comprehension! Email Kurzweil@nhcc.edu for further information.

Please visit the Math Resource Center to brush up on your math/dosage calculation skills if you have concerns. Every student is required to pass a Dosage Calculation exam each semester, and many employers require it before hiring! 

The Writing Resource Center is also a great place to start getting aquainted with APA formatting. APA is used throughout the profession and required in our, and many other, programs. 


Orientation Questions -- answered!

  • Advanced Standing students do not need to purchase the lab kit for NURS 2720. They will need it for 2800 and 2900. 
  • Clinical activities and sites have not been confirmed for spring and assignments will NOT be made until the first few weeks of class. You will have 135 hours of clinical time. Plan to be occupied/on campus on your assigned clinical says. Most clinical activities are off campus around the metropolitan area. Not all students will have the same clinical schedule.  You will receive more information about the clinical schedules during your first week of class. 
  •  Badges will be distributed in class in the first few weeks. You do not need to do anything, other than verify with security that you have a current photo on file.



Recommended Books 

  • Test Success - Nursing Test Taking Skills - Nursing exams are multiple choice tests that require students to apply knowledge. Test Success: Test-Taking Techniques for Beginning Nursing Students, 6th Edition by Nugent & Vitale provides students practice and tips for taking nursing style tests and the NCLEX exam. ISBN 9780803628182 
  • Dosage Calculations - Pikar/Abernanthy - 9th Edition. ISBN 1111319596
  • Medical Terminology - Preparation for medical terminology:  Chapters 1-7.  Textbook – Quick & Easy Medical Terminology by Peggy Leonard, 6th edition.  There will not be a test, this is just a recommended text.


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