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Campus Trust and Respect Action Project

Project State Date: March 2007
Project Completion Date: Jun 2010

Project Lead: Gerry Huerth and Cheryl Clausen

Project Team: Todd Pointer, Cathy Hawkins, Lisa Schlotterhausen, Tina Wade, Mark Tracy, Dawn Reimer, Wade Nelson, Deb Fugate, DeeDee Heitzman, Connie Sherman, Matthew Antonio Bosch, Bernard Ganab, Sheri Steinke, John Robertson

Project Goal: This project was intended to build trust and respect on the NHCC campus through the broad-based use of “Non-violent Communication” in meetings, implementation of a meeting needs-based "check-in" and "check-out", and incorporation of basic principles for running effective meetings.

Project Success Factors: To foster effectiveness, guidelines and strategies were developed that promoted and enhanced respectful communication as well as efficiency and productivity in meetings. All groups and committees were encouraged to use a standard "check in" and "check out" based on their needs. Needs lists were distributed to all employees, trainings were held, and guidelines and strategies were embraced by the college community.

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